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Nafshi addresses the critical need for accessible, trained mental health support for Jewish English-speaking individuals in Israel impacted by the war. Our comprehensive program offers diverse avenues of assistance tailored to meet the varying needs of the English speaking communities around Israel.
Subsidized Therapy

Nafshi offers heavily subsidized therapy sessions for children, teens, and adults by licensed therapists, ensuring affordability by covering up to 90% of the costs, thanks to our generous donors. This service aims to remove financial barriers for the next 6 months, allowing individuals to access professional mental health support.

Q&A Webinars

Q&A Webinars: Nafshi conducts informative webinars, focusing on pertinent topics during wartime, such as strategies to strengthen marital relationships amidst challenging circumstances, every other week.

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Whatsapp Support

Our platform hosts a supportive WhatsApp group delivering messages of encouragement and practical tips on crucial aspects like marriage, parenting, and self-care during times of distress, fostering a sense of community and providing ongoing support. 

Crisis Support

We provide a dedicated hotline staffed by trained professionals, offering support, guidance, and referrals to relevant organizations. This avenue serves as a crucial first point of contact for individuals seeking assistance.

Therapy Sessions
Our Mission

Nafshi is a non-profit organization that promotes holistic wellness within the Jewish community.

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About R' Friedman

Rabbi Mike Friedman is an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and seventh generation ordained rabbi. He works as a mental health therapist at "Lion Counseling" and serves as a Wellness Rabbi for "Nafshi," a non-profit organization that combines Jewish teachings with holistic principles of spiritual and emotional wellness. 

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