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Women Of Mind, Body and Spirit


WOMBS—Women Of Mind, Body and Spirit—is a community of women who are experiencing infertility and/or miscarriage. Women undergoing fertility treatment or recovering from a miscarriage often feel alone and isolated. Participants will discover a sisterhood—a safe space to share personal experience and challenges, while giving each other strength, support and hope for the future.


During these workshops, participants will explore Jewish texts that discuss infertility amongst the biblical personalities and their strength in the face of challenge. Through discussion and exploration of Jewish texts, WOMBS community members will gain rich Jewish wisdom to help traverse the trials of infertility and miscarriage.


Some of the many topics include emotional turmoil, financial implications, primary and secondary infertility and maintaining marital harmony and connection while trying to conceive.

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FACILITATORS: Nikki Friedman and Beth Broodo MS, LPC, RYT

COST: $10 suggested donation

For Times, Zoom Meeting ID and Password info, RSVP by emailing


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