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The Book of Iyov

The Book of Iyov has earned a reputation as the most difficult to approach in the Tanach. This is due to several characteristics: the very language is rich and laid out in biblical poetic style with 110 unique words that do not appear elsewhere, the most of any book in the Torah. Some of the expressions have elusive meaning. More intriguing is the theology showcased in this work.


The protagonist, Iyov is an enigma. His is the story of suffering and a crisis of faith in a righteous man of perfect faith. We get into his mind as he processes his grief. He is purported to live in Uz – is there such a place? When did he live? Was he even a Hebrew?


Most importantly: Is there a point to this book? After all, Iyov does have recognition as a book of the Tanach. The Book of Iyov explores ideas such as belief, Divine Providence and the concept of reward and punishment. Is this book intended to speak to any of us who have pondered these religious principles?


To tackle these challenges, we will approach this text with the aid of the Malbim, Rabbi Meir Leibush ben Yechiel Michel Weisser (March 7, 1809 - September 18, 1879). With extensive introductory notes and inline textual clarifications, Malbim opens this narrative up to clear and profound understanding.


Join us Tuesdays beginning 5-October as we seek inspiration from Iyov at 

•      8:00 PM, Israel

•      7:00 PM, Germany (GMT+2)

•      6:00 PM, UK (GMT+1)

•      1:00 PM, East Coast (EST)

•      Noon for you Texans (CST)

•      10:00 AM, West Cost (PST)

Ladies and gentlemen are welcome and there is no charge to participate.

Facilitated by Yehuda Gefen.

Kindly RSVP to receive the ZOOM ID and Password.

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