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Food as Spiritual Nourishment

Smart Eats

Judaism views the body and soul as joint partners that create a synergism to guide us through life. Join Rabbi Yaakov Marks, guest lecturer from San Diego, CA, as he discusses the Jewish approach to food as spiritual nourishment. Come for the event and leave with a new and elevated relationship with food, as well as some healthy and delicious recipes!

Rabbi Yaakov Marks is a renown certified health coach. Together with his wife, Shari, they live in San Diego, CA and teach a healthly lifestyle program that helps people reach their optimal spiritual and physical health. Join their inspiring journey.


Visit for more information on the Marks' story and success.


DATE: Sunday July 23, 2017


TIME:  7:30 PM

LOCATION: The Englander Residence | 6214 Linden Ln,  Dallas, TX 75230

COST: $10 

SPEAKER: Rabbi Yaakov Marks

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