Our Mission

Nafshi offers inspiring programing that integrates Jewish and holistic principles to enhance emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

"Nafshi" is a Hebrew word that literally translates as "My Soul,"

and can also be understood as "My Holistic Self."

Our programs offer a safe and warm space for Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations to infuse their lives with joy and meaning, and gain tools to help overcome everyday challenges.

Life is about relationships.

Our small communities connect people in authentic relationships that lead to personal growth and development. Community members support and encourage one another to harness the strength needed to make positive changes.

Find Community. Create Connection.

Discover Nafshi.



Rabbi Mike truly is remarkable. Not only is he well learned in Torah, but he also knows how to treat the human condition. I've gone to him for advice on several occasions and I always leave feeling better... He also has helped me embrace my Jewish roots and learn more about them. I would highly suggest meeting Rabbi Mike and attending a class by him.

- Sarah Graubard

Our Story

Rabbi Mike

From Washington DC to Jerusalem to Dallas, my mission has been to spread Jewish teachings and spiritual principles that illuminate the human condition.  As a seventh generation rabbi, my family has shaped my perception, sensitivity, and awareness of the needs of the Jewish people.  For almost as long as I can remember, I have wanted to help others. 


For twelve years I attended the largest non-denominational Jewish Day School in the country, while members of my family identified with affiliations that ranged from Orthodox to Reform to Conservative.  Being raised with this diversity has encouraged me to respect and love each and every Jew - yet, I have always felt that our connectedness is stronger than our separateness.  I am guided by the truism:  Labeling is Disabling.  Principles of wellness and Jewish insights are meant for everyone, regardless of affiliation, denomination, or identification. 


Nafshi's goal is to help make these contemporary and millennia-old gems accessible to the entire Jewish community in warm and caring circles of community.   In so doing, I hope and pray that together we will grow to reach greater and greater levels of self-awareness, inner contentment, and holistic consciousness. 


Always b'simcha,

Rabbi Mike     


I grew up in a Traditional Jewish family in Chicago, attended a Conservative Jewish Day school, a pluralistic Jewish summer camp, and then a public high school. There, I became friends with people from all walks of life. ​Throughout my entire religious and personal journey, I have always had a strong connection to the Land of Israel and a passion for uniting the Jewish People. I love to learn about the world around me--all of G-d's creations--and challenge myself. I am especially drawn to seeing G-d's Hand in the realm of Mathematics, and I strive to inspire others to see its beauty as well. 

As a child, I had the great pleasure of having my "Bubbie" (grandmother) live with my family. As a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I have been deeply infused with the message that life is short and we must be grateful for all the opportunities life has to offer. I want A LOT out of this life.  My own personal struggle with years of infertility has become one of my greatest blessings. It has lead me along a road of personal development and growth, as well as newfound health awareness. I hope that through Nafshi my passion and support will inspire others to find their strength to grow in many areas of their lives. 

With love,








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