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Past Events

A Tale of Infertility

June 4, 8:00 pm




A Tale of Infertility

After many years of quiet sorrow, medical treatments, and perseverance, Nikki Friedman is finally sharing her experience with infertility.


The timeless messages of her talk have meaning for ALL JEWISH WOMEN with an open heart and mind, whether or not they have personally experienced infertility. 

Come hear her untold ...

June 25

8:00 PM

little feet

Essential oils and natural remedies for little ones

Little Feet:

Essential oils and natural remedies for little ones

Our babies are precious and we want to give them the best. Essential oils offer natural health remedies that can improve your family's wellness. Essential oils are powerfully effective, all natural, highly concentrated plants that have been distilled down to their most basic...

Serenity in a Digital age


Wednesdays: June 7th - 28th ,  8 - 9 PM 


Serenity in a Digital Age

In an age of never ending digital traffic and background noise, the quiet, still voice inside us yearns like never before for a safe space to attain inner balance.

When life's stressors strike and you feel internal disharmony, learn a unique and ancient Jewish form of meditation and prayer...

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