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Past Events

Jewish Celebration of nternatonal Yoga Day

A Jewish Celebration of International Yoga Day

From the power of intention to the alignment of body and soul, yoga practice is a great complement to the spiritual and character building rituals of Jewish life. On International Yoga Day (Thursday, June 21), Jewish yogis from around Dallas will gather together for a special yoga session to gratefully celebrate the balance, depth, and sweetness that we have gained through our practice.

The Parent Trap, A Jewish Perspective on Aging

The Parent Trap:

A Jewish Perspective on Aging

With increasing rapidity, the "Sandwich Generation" is finding itself trapped between the 21st century pressures of family life and the emotional strain of caregiving for elderly parents.  Many well-meaning adult children are faced with challenges and ethical decisions undreamed of...

Manfesting Miracles, The Law of Attraction

Manifesting Miracles:

Jewish Perspectives on the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, popularized by the 2006 film and book titled "The Secret," reveals the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and draw them into reality. According to this controversial belief, we have the ability to utilize the mind to manifest our own miracles...

Just Paint

Series II

Have you ever wanted to paint but were too afraid to try? Unleash your inner artist during this group paint session. Artist Nikki Friedman will guide all participants through a six part oil painting series for painters of all levels and backgrounds.

In this series, each painter will create a unique piece with a tree theme, as Nikki shares Jewish... 

Just Paint, Tu B'Shvat

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