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Join Lara Lawson and Ellen Simon for NIA CHANUKAH, a holy holistic fitness class specifically designed in preparation for a brighter Chanukah! The NIA™ Technique is a mind/body physical conditioning program that initially stood for Non-Impact Aerobics. Discover the transformational power of joyful and purposeful... 

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Enhance your self-discipline, courage, and defensive techniques if faced with an attack.  Learn about the spiritual value of self-defense and mind-body synchronicity.

Instructor Erik Hicks will guide participants through a simulation of a synagogue attack.  


Join us for an interfaith celebration of the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.  

From the prophets to the protests, the Jewish and Black communities have shared a strength of spirit and hope in the face of challenge.  Hear from faith leaders and friends about their vision and dreams for Jewish and Black unity. 

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Hike with Mike

Unplug and reconnect with nature this Sukkoth

Sukkoth is the holiday of the earth, the soil, the rain, the fruit, and our spiritual connection to everything beautiful in the world. Join us on the holiday’s seventh and holiest day for a culmination of Kabbalah, as we journey through the hills of nature....

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