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Past Events

Smart Eats

Judaism views the body and soul as joint partners that create a synergism to guide us through life. Join Rabbi Yaakov Marks, guest lecturer from San Diego, CA, as he discusses the Jewish approach to food as spiritual nourishment. Come for the event and leave with a new and elevated relationship with food, as well as some healthy and delicious recipes! Rabbi Yaakov Marks is a renown certified health coach. Together..

Aug 29, Sept 5, Sept 12

Just Paint.

Just Paint.

Have you ever wanted to paint but were too afraid to try? Unleash your inner artist during this group paint session. Artist Nikki Friedman will guide all participants through a three part oil painting series for painters of all levels and backgrounds. Each painter will create a unique piece with a Rosh HaShana theme...

Stereo Typology

From David's Harp to David Cassidy, Bach to Carlebach, music has formed and informed our well-being. Symphonies of sound have electrified listeners across social and societal lines.  Melodies have underscored ancient religions and modern societies in war and worship.  Have you ever explored the nature, role, and impact of music on your life?  Come for the class, stay for the concert on one of the holiest...

Stereo Typology

Sunday: August 6th | 7:30 PM

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