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Past Events

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Space is limited for this Tu B'Shvat Seder, an interactive dining event to celebrate nature and humanity's responsibility as guardians of the Earth.

Tu B'Shvat, the fifteenth day of the Hebrew month of Shvat, celebrated this year beginning the evening of Sunday, January 20, was identified by Talmudic sages as "The New Year for Trees" and is a unique date in the Jewish ... 

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From infancy through adolescence, middle age, and into our golden years, sleep is paramount to wellness. Why is sleep so elusive and what can you do to improve this aspect of your life?

Nafshi and Levine Academy present a Sensory Savvy workshop to help you get from over-stimulation to a sense of inner peace. 




Why does the "Jewish holiday of freedom" sometimes feel like a return to bondage? With all of the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, it's understandable that the Pesach holiday can seem overwhelming. 

Join Nafshi and Balagan Be Gone's Rebekah Saltzman ...

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The Jewish holiday of Purim is a time to examine themes of hiddeness and revelation of true identity. Like Queen Esther, the Purim heroine who asserts her real self to save the Jewish people, each of us has an obligation to express our inner selves.

Join Lara Lawson and Ellen Simon for NIA PURIM, a holy holistic fitness class...



Celebrate the first Sunday of Spring with Nafshi and PJ Library during a picnic lunch and an afternoon of family fun at the Dallas Zoo! Kiddos will have a blast creating their own paper-bag animals with PJ library. Then, Rabbi Mike will lead us on a Jewish journey through the zoo, telling stories and shedding light on the many biblical references to wildlife as we...

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This class was specially designed in preparation for Rosh Hashana to address the renewal and reinvention process of the body and soul.

Lara Lawson and Ellen Simon will guide you into the Jewish New Year as you set your intention to SOAR to great heights. This holy and holistic fitness class is specifically designed to help you get in touch with your ...


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